Hall only Deposits

Sundays $100

Weekdays $100

Fridays & Saturdays $350

Deposit required to hold a date.

​Payment plan available

Balance Due 7days before  the event along with

Number of tables, chairs and other items needed

​Decorating is scheduled 1 week before the event

There is No Extra Time for Clean up  

Everyone is out and hall cleaned up BY 11:30 pm

to avoid additional charges of $100/ hour

​Subject To Change Without Notice

But Guaranteed with a deposit​


Wedding Hall Pricing


Up To 100 people  $750 5 hours

100 to 175 people   $800 5 hours

These Items are included with our catering.
Available if you rent the hall without our catering

Cloth Napkin   $.50 each
White Tablecloth included 
Chair Covers  $2.00 each
​Up Lighting    $25
China Dinner Plate  $1 each
Forks, Knives, Spoons  $1 set 
Chaffing Dishes For Serving   $25
Sterno for Chaffing Dishes  $1 each
Soda and Coffee  $1.25 per person
Room set up 1 hour included then $15/hr
Room Clean up  $100
Servers $75 for 6 hours


Up to 100 people  $650 5 hours

100 to 140 people  $750 5 hours

Sundays and Weekdays ** 

10am to 2pm  $450

 4pm to 7pm    $ 550

* * Prices bases on 75 people and under

​5 Hour Sunday Wedding $650 up to 100 People

​Please note we are NOT wheel chair Accessible.

Our halls main room has seating for up to 140 people. If your function requires a food buffet, gift table, head table

and or dance floor, 140 people would be the maximum. This would  still allow 20 to 25 seats

in the lounge/ bar area for beverages. 

 We do not supply any alcoholic beverages

If alcohol is used for your function a Parma Policeman is required by law .The charge is $30 per hour and

a 3 hour minimum.  A flat fee of $75 per bartender is required whenever soft drinks are served with or

without alcohol.

All evening events conclude by 11pm

                    Hall Only Current Pricing

We supply the Tables and Chairs and use of the holding ovens and

      refrigerator in the kitchen. All food must come fully cooked. 

Our warmers will keep it hot. You are responsible for the rest of the items

 needed for your function including Set up of bar, tables, and chairs 

         and Clean up of  kitchen,  bar area, and main hall

    See our list of items and services that you may rent 


Hall with Catering 

​When the hall is rented with our catering you simply come and enjoy the party as most everything is included and done for you with the exception of table decorations.

Soft Drinks, Coffee, Tablecloths , Colored Cloth Napkins, Set up / Clean up, Flatware and China are also included.

Dinner Buffets range from $9.95 to 12.95 depending on

menu choices and number of entrees.

This  is added to the hall fee.

Special pricing for children 6 to 12 

Your Total price per person ranges between

$18 to $25 per person with our catering and includes
A Buffet dinner, Set up & clean up, Linen, the hall fee,

soft drinks, coffee,tax and gratuity​

Hall with our Catering Deposits

Weekdays & Sundays $100.00

Fridays and Saturdays $350 

Deposit required to hold a date.

Balance Due 7 days before the event .

Final count, menu selections, and napkin

color due 2 weeks before the event

Decorating is scheduled 1 week before event